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Qalandar Bio

When I was growing up I got spiritual blessings from my home and once I was grown up the elders of my family provided me opportunities to get spiritual education from famous teachers and Peers.

I served my entire life serving humanity to please Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. I spent many years in the service of grandson of Pir Ghos e Azam who migrated from Baghdad. Then I started a new journey and my next stop was Darbar of Dada Sahib as a Faqeer and then I moved on to Imam Bari and last Sarkar Shahbaz qalandar as a down to earth servant.and i got alot of faiz from Lal Shahbaz qalandar 7ven shareef Darbar

Today I have achieved all this with the blessings of these great people that Allah has given me an opportunity to serve people. With the blessing of Allah I am helping people by solving their issues and problems. I am very much thankful to Allah for choosing me for this cause.