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istikhara is one of the best way to know about in the feathure


I have achieved all this with the blessings of these great people that Allah has given me an opportunity to serve people. With the blessing of Allah I am helping people by solving their issues and problems.

Istikhara Online

Istikhara is a process of consultation with Allah (Swt) for any kind of genuine matters to do or not to do. People do Istikhara for many aspects of life e.g. Marriage, Business, Partnership, Admission and any other matter when they find themselves confuse in between many choices in a matter and want to get some guidance to know which one is the right choice for them.

Islami Wazaif

Islami wazaif are Quran Verses and Duas that can solve many of your problems related to your business, marriage, children, education, wealth or health.

Allah give u more power to solved the matter of peoples thanks